Lisa Deliwala-Desai

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Lisa Deliwala-Desai

In this always ON world, we have transformed into cogs of the corporate machinery and somewhere along the way shed our authenticity.

I founded Art of CRISP with the intention of reigniting our humanity and authenticity in how we work and lead; to create paradigms that would allow someone to achieve success across all domains in their life.

I am a business transformation and improvement leader who has created a niche for herself in human centric process and performance improvement. I am also a recovering workaholic. Like many of you, I’ve been put through the wringer and spit out with nothing left of me to give to my family and more importantly myself. I want to take my experiences, lessons learned and valuable insights gained from people I have had the privilege to cross paths with through the years to help you succeed professionally while living your best life personally. 

So whether you’re an individual contributor, a new manager settling in to your role, tenured manager wanting to jump off the hamster wheel to lead confidently and inclusively, or someone who just wants to create better mechanisms for themselves - let’s have a chat. I am confident we’ll be able to create a plan uniquely suited to you.

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